What are Signal Communities?

From divine revelation, we read:

“The Council of Twelve is urged to enthusiastically embrace its calling as apostles of the peace of Jesus Christ in all of its dimensions. The Twelve are sent into the world to lead the church’s mission of restoration through relevant gospel proclamation and the establishment of signal communities of justice and peace that reflect the vision of Christ. As the apostles move out in faith and unity of purpose, freeing themselves from other duties, they will be blessed with an increased capacity for sharing Christ’s message of hope and restoration for creation.”
–D&C 163:5A (2007)

God has called the Council of Twelve Apostles to help make real the gospel of Jesus Christ in the various areas of the world today. By doing so, we expect God to raise up these Signal Communities, where the life-changing and world-changing ministries of Jesus can be witnessed by others!

Here in the Northeast Mission Field, led by Apostle Barbara Carter, we intend to help establish these Signal Commuities, as a way to learn more about Gods plan, and as a blessing to the people and world around us.

This website will begin to share our vision, our progress, our hope for Gods future among us!