Examining Christianity: A Closer Look on Protestantism

As you and your friends exercise using your outdoor elliptical bikes after reading the review, you might want to delve into a much more religious topic than your usual banter. These are trying times and the only way to battle small minds is to educate yourself and the people around you.

The Protestant Faith

Protestantism is one of the major divisions of the Christian faith.  Along with it are Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism. As all other Christians, it shares core beliefs of the divinity of Jesus and the Trinity, the death, resurrection of Jesus Christ for salvation, and the importance of grace to save humanity from the repercussions of sin.
Protestant churches uphold Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation principles in his 95 Theses that was published in 1517.  Protestants were named as such because they “protested” against Roman rule in the church and the pope’s jurisdiction.

The Five Solas

The tradition of Protestantism has been, for generations, signified by the 5 solas:

  • By Scripture alone
  • By faith alone
  • By God’s glory alone
  • By Christ alone
  • By grace alone

By Scripture Alone

Regarding matters of practice and faith, Protestants hold the Holy Bible as the single authority. In comparison, the Roman Catholic Church embraces authority of the Pope and sacred tradition. The Orthodox Church, on the other hand, identifies sacred tradition as similarly authoritative.
Protestants highlight God’s word as the perfect authority.

By Faith Alone

Apart from actions, Protestants hold their faith alone for deliverance. This is supported by the passage on the book of Ephesians Chapter 2 Verses 8 to 9 which generally says that salvation is in Christ alone by grace alone through faith alone.

By God’s Glory Alone

Living in God’s glory alone is what Protestants firmly believe in. In contrast, the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church expresses this in union with the 7 sacraments and how an individual expresses his faith through his works.

By Christ Alone

God has sent his ultimate revelation of himself through Jesus Christ. This simply means Protestants believe that through the work of Christ alone will they accomplish salvation. Christ’s substitutionary atonement and sinless life is what’s needed for their reconciliation and justification to God the Father.

By Grace Alone

By God’s grace alone we are saved and rescued from His wrath. By freeing us from our slavery to sin the Holy Spirit raises us to spiritual life from spiritual death. Salvation cannot be achieved through human strategies, techniques or methods. It is not any by human work that we are saved but it is through God’s grace and through our faith.

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