Seventy: Forerunners of Christ’s Peace

Seventy: Forerunners of Christ’s Peace

Annual Plan of Ministry
Seventy are a diverse group of ministers who have a love of God and of people. Seventy bear testimony of the Living Christ and are filled with a passion to see the unfolding reality of God’s reign. In alignment with the identity, mission, message, and beliefs of Community of Christ, seventy are ministers of mission, invitation, hospitality, and connection.

Seventy connect people with the God who loves them. Each seventy is called to witness of the Living Christ in ways that will connect people with God. Sharing a personal testimony of Christ’s presence while building relationship with others is at the core of what it is to be a forerunner of Christ’s peace.

Seventy connect people with congregations. Seventy are champions of invitation and models of hospitality as individuals and in congregations. Seventy seek out those who do not have a connection to God or to a faith community. Seventy promote awareness and understanding of diversity and receiving the giftedness of all.

Seventy connect congregations with communities. Seventy are engaged in mission centers, congregations, and in Seventy connect congregations with communities.the lives of individuals in ways that partner skills, gifts and resources with needs and opportunities in communities.  Seventy help congregations become safe places where sacred community can be formed. Seventy are gifted, called, and challenged to become agents of transformation in mission centers, congregations and communities.

Mission Initiatives Guide Ministry of the Seventy

Invite People to Christ: Christ’s mission of evangelism
Seventy share the gospel of peace, encourage baptism, confirmation, and discipleship in Community of Christ, plant new ministries and congregations.

Abolish Poverty, End Suffering: Christ’s mission of compassion
Seventy serve as Christ’s hands and feet developing new compassionate ministries, reaching out to the poor, the hungry, and the marginalized, offering ministry and hospitality to the broken and hurting.

Pursue Peace on Earth: Christ’s mission of justice and peace
Seventy share the hope and the reality of Christ’s peace with all, participate and lead ministries of justice and peacemaking, share in ecumenical associations and ministries.

Develop Disciples to Serve: Equip individuals for Christ’s mission
Seventy equip and empower others as invitational disciples, encourage life long discipleship, engage priesthood, pastors and leaders in mission.

Experience Congregations in Mission: Equip congregations for Christ’s mission Seventy assist congregations to be engaged in mission, to be places of hospitality and welcome, and to offer sacred community to all.

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